How a College Student Can Start a Business Online |

Many college students want to find a way to make money online because it’s convenient. They don’t have to quit their jobs when they head home for the winter or summer, and they don’t have to look for new ones during breaks. Finding online jobs for college students makes perfect sense. However, what if college students can do more than just work an online job? What if those students could start a business?Starting a Business OnlineStarting a business is not easy, but the Internet has made it a lot easier than it was years ago. With so many online jobs for college students, starting a business means getting a few people to help you work those jobs. Just like employees, you can market a business as having top notch workers who will get the job done in less time than just hiring one person.

The freelance writing industry is a possibility. In the freelance writing industry, writers complete website pages, blog posts, and more for business owners interested in content marketing. This growing industry has helped many freelance writers earn a decent income. This is a great business opportunity for you because if you can get some students to write the content business owners need, all you have to do is market your services. When an order comes in, you assign it to one of your workers, and collect a portion of the amount the business owner pays. The more work you bring in, the more money you make. This is limitless because when your writers can’t handle anymore, you can just bring on more writers to your team.Social media marketing is another possibility. Business owners know the power social media has on their business’ brand. Since college students are on social media already, they are perfect for this line of work. They can represent businesses on social networks by posting on their timelines, connecting with consumers, and simply grow the business’ following. You can start and grow this business just as you would with a writing business. Market your business, give the work to people on your team, and take a portion of the amount the business owners pay you for your services.

Starting a business with online jobs for college students is possible. All you have to do is make a plan and execute it. Start thinking about it today and research the industries available to you.

Create a Small Business Online Marketing Plan |

Almost every small business owner has wondered where to begin to develop an online marketing plan. Several methods can be used; however, knowing the following basics will be your starting point.Target MarketYou must know who your target market is and get a clear idea of your preferred customer. This is not an area where you want to make a guess. Researching your target market is your first step.Ask questions, such as:

What are the demographics (age, income, etc) of my customers?
Why do my customers purchase from my business?
What products do my customers purchase?
Are my customers repeat customers? Why or why not?

There are many more questions you can add to further determine your target market. The above questions are meant only as a starting point.Customer BehaviorWhen a customer or potential customer visits your web site, understanding their behavior is important.Some questions to ask are:

How long do customers stay on my site?
Do they leave quickly?
Does my web page load quickly or slowly?
If people are quickly leaving your website, determining the reason will naturally help to make improvements.ContentWebsite visitors to your site are looking for information, either about your company, products or service. Optimally, you want your visitors to return often. One way to accomplish that is to provide fresh, quality content. Also, fresh content will help to make your website more visible in the search engines. The search engines will come to your site more often to “see” your new content and this will help to improve your rankings in the search engines.

Online AdvertisingThere are several online advertising methods to choose when marketing your business online. Some of these methods include:

Pay Per Click
Link Exchanges
And more
The main idea is to make sure your advertising reaches your target market.